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SiteGround Hosting Review

The website hosting company is incredibly popular for its astounding performance and impeccable customer support. Quite an incredible feat considering the company only started out with one employee. Fast forward to 2017, Siteground has amassed more than 800,000 domain names throughout the world. Not only that, the company is also equipped with a number of data centers across Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Everywhere you go, you are guaranteed to find at least one person suggesting its service. Whether it be in a forum, or their blog post. Content management system giants such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla also officially recommend Siteground. These glowing testimonials and referrals from players in the industry correspond to the statistics. With impressive trend as a proof, Siteground is highly regarded as a reliable company in the industry.

siteground hosting review

However, the question remains. With the massive number of reviews and recommendations, just what makes it superior than others? Is it fast loading? Decent uptime? Good customer support? Or perhaps, unlimited premium features? Prospective customers need nothing more than a thorough, and detailed explanation on what to expect before making a decision. If that is the reason why you are here, you have come to the right place.

Pros of Siteground

Many customers are now aware that when it comes to content management system, their specific needs must be catered to. The best hosting for someone may not fit the needs of others. With this in mind, owners must treat carefully. Understanding the pros and cons will definitely help customers determine whether it fits their experience, expertise, and importantly budget. For this reason, we have taken the liberty to take Siteground for a spin and write down its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Speed and performance

For starter, let’s begin the Siteground hosting with the pros. One thing that you may have heard numerous times when people talk about Siteground, it’s the company’s lightning speed performance. Is there some truth to that? While at first we were rather skeptical, after giving it a try we can absolutely vouch for it. Sure there are various variables in the equation, but Siteground manages to overcome all obstacles when it comes to speed.

With its impressive TTFB, Siteground is capable of sending the first byte of a file when requested. The speed is multiplied with the fact that Siteground has numerous data centers all over the globe. As we know, physical distance in which our website has to travel the requested data for can be a problem. However with its major data centers in Singapore, London, Milan, Chicago, and Amsterdam – this issue can be eliminated altogether.

As an example, you are an Asian entrepreneur with majority of audience in Asia and Australia. Naturally you would want your data to be as close as possible for decent speed and load time. Typical web hosting service assigns its client to one data center which is typically located in the United States. This obviously doesn’t turn out well. Now take a look at the statistics. Siteground and its major data centers clock in 483-milliseconds for its average loading time. It’s 1059-milliseconds faster than other web hosts.

  • High performance

Siteground offers free CDN SSL to cater to your needs. That way large multimedia files can be delivered in no time. Not only that, boasting a unique in-house crafted solution, Siteground also offers state-of-the-art technologies which are nothing short of magnificent. Built on Linux containers, it is equipped with an incredible server monitoring system, and modern account isolation technology.

As we all know, Linux is well-known for its stability. Combined with its ultra-modern system and technology, uptime is improved to 99.98-percent. As comparison, the typical uptime standard in the industry is 99.79-percent. Its level of performance is not to be questioned – but what about its security? Fortunately, Siteground takes proactive measures when it comes to this issue.

Using its sensitive caching tool, the SuperCacher, and custom WAF rules, the company is able to ensure security. These technologies are not only capable of keeping an eye on your data and system. But also scan for vulnerabilities and fix the detected issues immediately, even without our intervention. Customers also do not have to worry about backup and plugin updates since it is well-taken care of. Need more security options? The company also gives numerous free add-ons for that.

  • Affordable pricing and free transfer

The first few things that many prospective customers take into consideration is prices for both subscription and transfer. Fortunately, they do not have to splurge for a Siteground hosting plan. The icing on the cake is the fact that Siteground gives out free transfer for customers with existing website hosting. With the features and capabilities offered, you would be surprised to find out their affordable and competitive pricings.

There are three hosting plan options to choose from: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. StartUp plan is a perfect fit for beginners, it costs 9.95-dollars a month or 2.95-dollars a month with annual plan. You get essential features and Level 1 SuperCacher. GrowBig plan is 14.95-dollars a month, or 4.55-dollars a month when subscribed with annual plan. GoGeek is 29.95-dollars a month, or 8.95-dollars a months with annual plan.

  • Incredible knowledge support and customer support

We have all been there, being stuck with web hosting company that does not really care about our issues. Some respond to our issues in an unacceptable timely manner, others simply ignore our questions. The thing with Siteground is, many of its clients give them five stars in their Siteground hosting review. More so when it comes to support. Naturally, we were intrigued. After having experienced their support firsthand, we could confirm that Siteground does pay special attention to this department.

Providing both customer support and knowledge support in English, Italian, and Spanish, you sure won’t be disappointed. Its representatives do not only help with issues related to hosting, but also various CMS questions as well. Our experience with Siteground’s support teams is absolutely fantastic as they are very helpful. No wonder the company is regarded to be the only company with constant score of more than 96-percent in customer satisfaction.

Cons of Siteground

Next on our Siteground hosting review is the dreaded disadvantages. Yes, it did take us quite a while to spot the cons. And when we found it, it surprisingly had nothing to do with performance. See the following list for details:

  • Limited storage space

While StartUp Plan’s 10GB space is generally more than enough for beginners. But as your website grows, you will have to upgrade immediately as its storage space is limited.

  • Monthly billing setup fee

Siteground does have one of the most affordable plan for that level of performance and capabilities. But to get that low price, you actually have to get its 12-month deal.

Comparison with other hosting providers

How does Siteground hold up when pitted against its competitors? Before making a decision on which web hosting to subscribe, many customers feel the need to compare services and features. If you are considering to purchase the company’s plan, but still curious about its capabilities. Below we have compared Siteground to Bluehost and HostGator to help you determine which one is superior than the other.

  • Siteground vs Bluehost

Owned by EIG, many of its former customers repeatedly complained about Bluehost’s questionable billing. Unlike Siteground that offers straight billing, Bluehost advertises low monthly plan but charges clients for 3-years upfront. Their representatives cannot be easily reached. When complained, instead of settling the bills, they tried to sell unnecessary features or upgrades. As for performance, Bluehost’s servers are slow as snails and comes with terrible uptime.

  • Siteground vs HostGator

Hostgator is one of the largest webhosts, and when compared with Siteground, both offers 99.9-percent uptime. This is an interesting result. However, the difference lies in their respective uptime. In the span of 7-days, Siteground has 100-percent uptime whereas Hostgator has 98-percent uptime. Results for speed and performance tests are also in Siteground’s favor. Thanks to its numerous data centers, Siteground loads faster than HostGator.


Choosing the best website hosting  can be overwhelming. More so when you are a beginner and have no prior experience in the world of hosting. Some of us actually had to go through a period of trial-and-error in order to find out the ultimate content management system. While we learned something along the way, this process could really be extremely expensive and highly inefficient. Luckily for you, nowadays you can easily find numerous sources of information and reviews before making a final decision.

When it comes to webhosting, deciding on the best one for you may not be easy. Just because it works for other customers, does not necessarily mean it will work for you. However, with our complete breakdown of the pros and cons, you are now able to make an informed decision.

For those with limited budget, Siteground’s hosting plans are affordable. Especially for the impressive performance and incredible around-the-clock support. For those needing advanced features and more storage space, Siteground has those as well. Not to mention the fact that Siteground also boasts 99.9-percent uptime and is also equipped with astounding security system.

Wanting to migrate but do not know how to do so? Or perhaps, you just cannot stomach the idea of migrating due to the labor-extensive and time-consuming process? Siteground ensures that you will not have to lift a finger to get it done! With its useful free transfer service, their team of experts will get the job done in a timely manner. That way you won’t have to go weeks without your website.

With all of its incredible features, performance, and service, you undoubtedly get more than your money worth. But unlike its competitors, the company does not offer a free trial for its prospective customers. Don’t let it stop you from getting its service though, because all of its plans come with 30-day money back guarantee. In conclusion of our Siteground hosting review, you won’t be disappointed!

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